Visit Other N-Gen Sites

Unicef Voice of Youth The ultimate kids empowerment discussion is at this conference site.

Free The Children An organization of children protesting child labour and child slavery.

Africa Online A Web site dealing with African politics, entertainment, economics and culture.

Plugged-IN A Web site which bridges the gap between Silicon Valley and the low income communities of East Palo Alto.

Peacefire A Web site against youth censorship on the Net.

Kids Help Phone The online version of this telephone hotline offers advice and information to kids in crisis.

The Global School Net Foundation A major contributor to the philosophy, design, culture and content of Internet-based learning.

Compumentor Provides appropriate technical assistance to institutions that serve low income populations.

Spank! The official Spank Magazine Web site.

Statistics Canada Latest statistical figures on all aspects of Canadian life.

Cheerleaders This is the Unofficial Owen J. Roberts Cheerleading Home Page. Their principal refused to allow it to be officially tied to the school's home page. Can you figure out why?

National Center for Education Statistics Latest statistics from the world of education.

C/Net Learning Learning online.

Comlab Oxford University Computing Laboratory.

GlobaLearn Introducing classrooms to other cultures and other kids around the world.

Simply Science for Kids Simply science, for kids.

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