Welcome to the Growing Up Digital Web site. Dedicated to the latest publication by Don Tapscott, this site deals with the influence of technology on society, youth, and the forces of transformation which are poised to emerge out of this trend.

This Web site is designed to serve as an online community, where all those interested in technology, youth, and social transformation can come to share their opinions, get feedback, or have a library of reference links which deal with topics of interest to them.

The online forums, which are integral parts of the site, will be hosted by members of the "Growing Up Digital" community. Proper conduct is imperative while participating in the online forums. Responsibility on all sides will ensure that the forums will not be subject to improper censorship. The hosts of the forum will also make sure that coarse language or any form of racist, ageist, sexist or homophobic language is banned from the online discussions.

You know the rules of Netiquette and you are expected to observe them here. It all comes down to the golden rule: "Treat other people as you would yourself be treated."

You are entitled to express your opinion
You are entitled to an audience
You are expected to learn
You are expected to teach
You have a right to disagree
You have a right to respond
It is your privilege to change your mind
It is your privilege to remain silent

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