Rufo's Adventure

We then drove down to Mazatlan, spending the night in Los Mochis. We spent to days there in a beach side bungalow, and the drove down to (I think) Puerto Vallarta, where we spent exactly 8 nights. We then drove down to a beach somewhere south of PV, and even my mom can't remember the name of it. We then drove to Playa Azul, a sleepy little beach side tow that seems like it is almost ready for a tourist explosion. I think I shall remember Playa Azul most for the hundred Empenadas(I think), beachside restaurants which chairs and hammocks, so you can relax and take in the surfers. We met some other people there, who lent us our two buggy boards. I caught quite a few waves all the way into shore.

Due to some recommendations of people that we met there, we decided to go inland and up in altitude, first to Urapan, than to Patzcuaro, where we spent the night at the Villa Hotel Patzcuaro's trailer park. We went into Patzcuaro the next morning, a wonderful little 16th century town. It has enough attractions that I won't try and list them all. The one we saw was the very large market, with vegetables and cooking utensils and Ponchos and shirts and scarves and watches and pocket calculators and a whole bunch of other stuff. It was a lot of fun. I would do it again, except for going to all the Artensias, mexican curio stores. We then went back to Abdul, our faithful VW camper, where we discovered that they made us pay a hell of a lot more then they did the night before, because they found at that there were kids staying in Abdul too. Now, may I ask you, which uses more electricity, a 40 foot RV, or a 12 foot converted van? If anything at all they should charge by the size, not by the person, and especially not kids. So we moved to another trailer park the El Pozo. The next day we went to Santa Clarar del Cobre, a town known in these parts for copper. When we got back, there were sore kids who had just pulled in that day. I found out that night that tom, a guy about my age,, was a Mac addict too. I take my powerbook over the next day, and lo! he has one too! We hook them up via our infrared ports that both sport, a task that is amazingly easy, and we spend all day playing games via the IR port, and trade shareware.

And that, Kate, is what we've been doing. As I wrap this up, the powerbook is on reserve power, the interior of the car is hot, and we're in Urapan. Ask what you want, but don't expect an immediate reply. Mail ya later...


Tune back for more of Rufo's Adventure...

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