Rufo's Adventure

Our plan was to go across the states to San FRan, pick up a friend and the car registration (cause in NY, you have the registration mailed to you, not handed), and then south to La Paz, and take the ferry across to Mazatlan. Well, we had quite a few hitches with our plan. We got to SF, where our friend, Sarah, was all ready to go *that night.* Believe me, going across the country in 5 days is pushing the limits of sanity, at least to my mom it is, and we wanted to rest a few days. Then we found out that the NYS DMV(New York State Department of Motor Vehicles) had recently installed a brand spanikind new computer system and that they were having some problems with, which would require an additional month to rectify. Yes, you read that right, one whole month. (Should've called in some of us GUD kids, eh? ;-)) So we were stuck in CA, with absolutely nothing to do. So we pretty much just camped around, stayed at peoples houses, bought a PowerBook 1400cs/133 w/ 12xCD-ROM, 16MB RAM, 1.2GB HD. No modem though. :-( I'm sure, after all that research time, how disappointed I was to hear that. More net for only one hour on the Stockton public library's finicky Win3.1 computers. Not only were we stranded, but so was Sarah. She had practically put her life on hold for this trip, and now she had nowhere to be too. For some reason, she bitched to us about it, when it wasn't even our fault! But it finally came, only days before the temporary registration expired.

So we headed south, at a leisurely pace, not at all the breakneck pace that Sarah wanted, as we found at later, to our chagrin. I think that phrase means what I want it to mean, but I'm not sure. My dictionary program crashes under MacOS8. Anyway we found out that we weren't going fast enough for her in Catavina, just south of El Rosarion, where she left. That certainly surprised us, as she hadn't given any sign to any of us that we there was something wrong. So we went back up to El Rosario, where we stayed for a few days, because, believe it or not, there was no gas from El Rosario to La Paz, which is like the whole peninsula. After a few days sitting in El Rosario, we decided that we should go up to the states to fix the car's door (it had broken somehow), and pick up Toady. (In case you forgot, we call our dad Toady. Don't ask why, I forgot.) So we did that, and headed back down south. We stopped at a trailer park in San Quintin, and met some oyster farmers from British Columbia, as well as some other people from BC. (Score 3 for Canada! ;-)) The strange thing about that was that my mom loves oysters. Me, I don't. (I had an unpleasant encounter with an oyster in my Thanksgiving gumbo, which resulted in a fast trot to the bathroom, where I will leave out the gory details. I'm sure you'll thank me.) We met them again in Santa Rosalia, where we took the ferry to Guaymas. (We looked in a paper for the prices for the La Paz-Mazatlan ferry, and we decided not to. We also heard some disgusting horror stories from people who had taken it. We made the right choice, as I constantly remind myself whenever I meet some one I like a lot.)

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