Rufo's Adventure

Dear Kate,

Sorry I took so long to write but I've been to busy to think about it until now. I know, the lamest excuse in the book but hey, it can happen! BTW, you can forward this message to whomever you like, I'm not picky about that kind of thing. Currently I am writing from the town of Patzcuaro, in Michocan(there are some accents in the names I am writing and am going to write, but because of Mac to PC problems I'm not going to try.). I'm writing this on our PowerBook, but that comes later.

I can't even remember when we left, or when I last talked to you(I believe it was at the launching party) but whenever we left, it wasn't for the reason planned. I believe that my mom told you that we were managing the B&B in Costa Rica, correct? Well, the person that used to be managing the B&B, she decided to go to LA, which made the job position available. Apparently, she didn't like LA for some reason, so she moved back to Costa Rica, and took over the B&B right before we left. Of course, this put off our plans for a bit. Mama & Toady talked it over, and since we had rented out our studio and house and had no place to be until April, we decided to just go anyway although we decided to take some extra time and start getting all the extra stuff we would have liked to get but didn't have time for.

Well my dad, he had plans for us which had previously not worked out because of leaving so soon. He wanted to get us a VW camper, but the closest one was in Oneonta, a half a day's drive away, and what with all the preparations it would take too long to drive there. What with us leaving later then planned, here was the ideal opportunity to test drive a few used models that they had. So we all drove down and my folks tested this '89 Vanagon. It was all right, but it needed work, and we decided to pass. Then we tried out a used '97 EuroVan camper, with the middle seat. We tried it liked it, and with our new vehicle we headed west.

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