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Tapscott Nominated for "President of the Net"

A new article from Market Space. The article "No More NetNerds", NetLife is a Way of Life for N-Gen by J.D. Wight, talks about the awesome popularity of the internet. How N-Geners use this technology differ from the boomers.

Teresa A. Martin a co-founder of Project Cool, talks about the Turmoil in the Toolbox. In the column she describes how having "High-tech" web tools may help or break a web site.

The premier website for commentary on managerial leadership, Mangement General, recently published One Provocative Ezzay welcoming the N-Genaration. In the essay, important traits that comprise a leader and what the N-Geners has to offer are expressively elaborated.

The November 1997 cover story of Time Digital is a Special Parents Guide to "GENERATION WWW" which is based on the research conducted for "Growing Up Digital".

"Move over, baby boomers! The 80 million digitalized members of the ``Net Generation'' are about to inherit the Earth." So says Martha Woodall, Staff Writer for the Philadelphia Enquirer in a November 13th cover story.

The campus edition of ComputerWorld magazine, Fall 1997 edition, features an article by Don Tapscott in which he challenges N-Geners: "You are the leaders of tomorrow. Work to become leaders for change. I'm convinced you'll find solutions to the problems facing our planet."

InformationWeek Magazine, in it's November 3rd issue, includes a book exerpt from "Growing Up Digital". EDS Chairman Les Alberthal says, "it's the book I'm reading now."

Internet News, the magazine which keeps you up-to-date on the Internet, has an interview with Don Tapscott in it's September/October issue.

For an interview in Portuguese, please see Expresso.

What role will government play with this new generation? Government Technology's magazine Solutions for Government in the Information Age has an interview with Don on this topic.