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The Working Environment

The N-Gen mind is ideally suited for wealth creation in the new economy. This generation is exceptionally curious, self-reliant, contrarian, smart, focused, able to adapt, high in self-esteem, and has a global orientation. These attributes combined with N-Geners' ease with digital tools spell trouble for the traditional enterprise and the traditional manager. This generation will create huge pressure for radical change in existing companies.

There is much we can learn from N-Gen culture and also from initial experiences with N-Gen entrepreneurs about how the firm must change to embrace them, their ideas, and their different view of work and working. Most observers agree that the old model of the firm - the command and control hierarchy - is in deep trouble.

A powerful example regarding how the new ways of working may finally be achievable as the N-Gen enters the workforce is in the realm of knowledge management. This is the creation, protection, development and sharing of knowledge assets.

When the Alliance for Converging Technologies researched the obstacles to knowledge sharing in today's organization, they observed that there were a number of perceived objections or barriers. They then asked the "Growing Up Digital Kids" what they thought about these barriers to sharing knowledge when they entered the workforce. The barriers included: "You can't build a culture of sharing" "People don't know how to work as a virtual team" "How do you get people out of their comfort zones?" and "People don't trust computer and networks."

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