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Three Impressions of N-Gen Personality

  1. Acceptance of Diversity
    On the Internet, nobody knows whether you are black, white, short, tall, attractive or ugly. Children often take on alternative personalities while surfing the Net. If an N-Gener is talking to someone using the icon of a dog, it doesn't matter that it's a dog - what's important is what the dog has to say. Anti-dog prejudices are about as prevalent as anti-black prejudices - that is, virtually non-existent. In Swedish Ungdom Mot Rasism means Youth Against Racism and the organization's Web site lets them take their message global.

  2. A Curious Generation
    Childhood is all about exploration, discovery and investigation. However, it is this new shift in control from the broadcast world to the interactive world that elicits intensely heightened curiosity. Basically, there is now a new world to explore, and as this new world matures it will beckon N-Gen with more allure. The newsletter Simply Science for Kids is one site that nurtures curiosity.

  3. Assertiveness and Self Reliance
    Access to the media enables N-Gen to assert itself much more than any other generation. It is the confidence to stick up for themselves that is giving N-Gen the power to make a difference. Some home pages are the equivalent of 1960's petitions, and they are made by N-Geners who are asserting themselves to a new level. See the Rainforest page made by one N-Gener as an example.

  4. "Net Addiction"
    Broadly defined, addiction is persistent, compulsive, and harmful use of a substance resulting in withdrawal symptoms when use is terminated. The term has been extended beyond substances to media and the Internet.

    Does any of this apply to you?

      You wake up at 3 am, go to the bathroom, and stop to check your e-mail on the way back.
      You feel a sense of loss when turning off your modem as if you were losing a loved one.
      You get a tattoo that reads: "This body best viewed with Netscape Navigator 3.0 or higher."

    The question remains, however, is it addiction or is it love?

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