Welcome to my world

My name is Dondy Razon. I reside in Canada, but I'm originally from the Philippines. The Razon's are spread throughout Canada and the US. I was brought up in an extended family environment, which up to the present time, I'm still very thankful for the happiness and values it has given me. This kind of environment is common back home, but I haven't seen much of it in the city of Toronto. I believe that this kind of upbringing promotes good things in life that are essential for us to live a healthy physical and mental life. I may live a traditional life, but I am still Growing Up Digital. I work here, on this site, a high school student in the digital world.

I acquired this placement through Vaughan Road Academy's co-op education program. The Co-op Ed. Program gives students work experience with hands-on training on industry standard equipments and through the professional working environment. And for the past few months it has been that and more. My colleagues have just been great and a pleasure to work with.

When I first started, I was very nervous. A new job is something like the first date! When I think of it now, I just can't help but laugh. Kate B, Director of Research and Development, made almost too good a first impression and lived up to my expectations, but she does chew me out sometimes. Kate D, an intern and also my partner in crime, has a quiet manner and sincere looks. Jody, Director of Multimedia, is always understanding and has a conversational teaching style. She's taught me things I never thought existed in the Mac world. I know I still have a whole lot to learn from her. Macs really can do as much as PCs. Antionette, Administrative Assistant, has an always pleasing personality that helps me get through those stressful days at work. And Don, the Cyber Guru, has a busy schedule thatÕs stressful just to think about, but he's actually an easy-going guy.

What do I do around here? A little of everything. I check our online forums on a daily basis which can be very refreshing sometimes. It's interesting to read what kids and grown-ups have to say, there are similarities on some subjects and major differences in other respects. I also make press kits for Don's speaking events, these kits are assembled in way that will entice the viewers but at the same time educate them on what the company is all about. I also work with Kate D to design posters and ads for upcoming events. I also update the web site. IÕd like to go into a career related to web site design. Although I don't get to do this all the time here, I'm grateful that I'm given the chance. I also do some faxing, photo copying and the usual errands like carrying boxes to the mail box. And in the days to come I will be learning more that will help me in the pursuit of my career such as CGI, Perl, and Java programming. I hope you come back to see my progress...

Always Curioz,
Dondy Razon

My Website: Curioz Mindz (Still Under Construction!)